Privacy Policy

Personal information submitted by Parents or entrants (players) will be treated as confidential and sensitive data. The information provided by Parents/entrants in the process of applying to enter a competition will not be passed on to any third party and will be retained by the Shires junior golf tour for the purposes of notifying the parent/entrant of relevant information associated with the actual shires junior golf tour event entered or other appropriate shires junior golf tour events which may be of interest of the parent/entrant for the future.

Each parent or players data will be retained within the secure environment of the Shires junior golf tour website hosted by the compliant processor (Handicapmaster).

The information retained shall be players name, address, date of birth, CDH number, contact telephone numbers and email address. This information will be retained within the player’s profile of the shires junior golf tour website. The information will be retained for the purposes of contacting the players for notification of competition closing dates, competition tee times, general competition information such as the location of the venue, practice Facilities and course information, and other appropriate information the parent/ player may require prior to attending the competition.

Additional information that is required, such as health and welfare details will be retained in hard copy (files) for use at any event attended by the player and shall be retained for the playing season only. The information is required to ensure the health and safety of the players and any additional welfare issues concerning player allergies, medical conditions which may affect treatments following injury or illness whilst attending the competition.

All junior competitions will require the submission of parental consent forms which must be signed by the parent or guardian before the junior players can compete. The signed forms will be available in hard copy from our registration desk at any Shires junior golf tour event being attended by the parent or junior player. The information will be retained and used only in the case of an emergency where specific persons will be advised of medical conditions before any treatment is administered. The information will be retained for as long as the parent or player wishes.

Photographs used in connection with posting competition results on the website will be retained for as long as a parent/player gives the Shires junior golf tour their consent.

No third party will be allowed to retain any of the database of the Shires junior golf tour parent or player.

The personal information on all players will be accessible only by the appropriate Shires tour Director or managers and no personal details will be transmitted electronically via emails unless password protected to any other person or organisation.

All Parents/entrants will be asked to confirm that they have read and understood the terms and conditions in respect of the personal data being all entrants to advise the Shires junior golf tour of any changes to their personal data or circumstances which may affect the methods of communication at any point in the future (changes of address, contact numbers, email address or medical conditions).

We will use “legitimate interests” as our legal basis for continuing to contact you by newsletter about our tour as you have expressed an interest or played in one of our events, this will involve storing your name and email address on Mailchimp (our chosen partner). Clicking the unsubscribe button will be treated as a “right to object” notice and will instantly stop any further mailings. If you have played in one of our events, we will securely store your information using “fulfilment of a contract” and “legal obligation” as our legal basis.

All entry forms, hard copies on online entries, will contain a tick box or signature line to confirm entrants have read and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

If you have a complaint, In the first instance, please contact us  with the nature of your complaint.
You also have the right to contact the UK’s supervisory authority, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office.