Par+ was born in 2012 after the frustrations of not being able to find quality, fashionable and colourful  junior golf apparel for our own children.

The number one goal was to have quality junior golf apparel at affordable pricing.

The Moisture Wicking and Spandex mix fabrics from Par+ are some of the most comfortable apparel on the market today.

The Par+ line is designed for ages 6-16 years of age.

Par+ collection changes yearly with focus on design for both young girls and boys.

We currently offer Boys&Girls Shirts,Shorts. Skorts, Trousers, Caps,Ball Markers and Belt.

Par+ will be adding new and interesting accessories throughout the year to keep you up to date

on the ever changing fashion world.

Feel free to read our customer testimonials at Par Plus Golf Uk  and learn why we are quickly becoming

the fastest growing Junior Golf Apparel company.